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Plug-ins Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
Metal Plug-ins are hermetic enclosures with leads or I/O’s which extend out the bottom of the enclosure. Plug-in style packages are constructed in two primary configurations…Plug-in Bathtub (PB) style and Plug-in Specials (PS).

Plug-in Bathtub

Plug-in Bathtub packages are fabricated enclosures forged from a flat piece or raw metal (usually Kovar or CRS), ground to height and the I/O pattern pierced to your specification. This style is the most economical because it uses the least amount of fabrication steps to create the enclosure but has certain limitations as well.

Plug-in Special

Plug-in Special packages are also fabricated enclosures forged from flat pieces of raw materials but are made from two individual fabricating processes. The first fabrication process is the creation of a frame. The frame is created from either forging flat stock (like the Plug-in Bathtub above) with the bottom of the can removed or it’s created from an extrusion process and sliced to the desired heights. The second fabrication step is the creation of a base plate. This base or bottom can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Some base configurations include holes or slots for use in mounting to mating surfaces while others can simply match the exact configuration of the frame. These two components are then brazed together using various alloys such as Copper, Copper/Silver, or lower temperature gold bearing alloys such as Gold/Tin or Gold Germanium. The benefit to a two-piece construction Plug-in Special is improved flatness, and enhanced mounting capabilities.
Both options are designed for high volume manufacturing. Their vertical pin configurations allow for easy assembly automation and ultimately higher production output. Both Plug-in options can also have virtually any I/O configuration but are most commonly purchased in a grid pattern. These patterns usually come on a .100” pitch but can be easily customized to suit your specific requirements. There are also over 2,000 tooled sizes available.