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Machined Housings

CNC Machined Housings Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
Machined packages are used primarily when the required shape of the housing prohibits the use of traditionally tooled components. Machined housings are also used for small order quantities that would make the production of a new flatpack or plug-in tool cost prohibitive; and allow for many different material options. 

AMETEK is an expert at machining. From prototype to complex designs with tight tolerances, our machining capabilities set us apart. AMETEK has the capability and the experience to partner with you in designing and manufacturing the most complex and advanced electro-optical and micro-electronic packages for optical networks and defense products.

Product features include:
  • A selection of housing materials to suit your application
  • Brazed or integral optical fiber snout/ferrule
  • Thermal management bases and inserts
  • Structural ceramic inserts
  • Thin Film Networks
  • Glass or ceramic interconnections
  • ✔ DC feed thru terminals
    ✔ RF terminals (SMA, SMP, SSMP)
    ✔ Field replaceable SMA connectors
    ✔ High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) feed thrus

  • Integral mounting feet
  • Brazed mounting studs and hardware

cnc machined housings
machine housings 2

machined housings

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