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Flatpacks Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
A flatpack is a type of package in which the leads are in a plane which is parallel to the substrate mounting surface. Our flatpacks range from as narrow as 0.250” wide up to more than 2” long. Flatpacks have been made in sizes up to 4” square with over 350 leads. Flatpacks usually have a wall thickness of 0.040” or thicker and are usually rectangular or square. Flatpacks are grouped into one of the following three general categories:


A one-piece flatpack is a type of flatpack in which the body is formed from one piece of metal in a process called deep drawing. The result is a body with no braze joints or seams. The bottom thickness originally matches the thickness of the walls but may be reduced by grinding after the body is formed.


A multi-piece flatpack is a type of flatpack in which the ring frame (four walls) is formed by deep drawing. The bottom is separately stamped from flat stock. The ring frame and bottom will be produced from the same type of metal. The bottom and the ring frame are joined together using a brazing process during assembly.


A special flatpack may be either a one-piece or multi-piece flatpack that also includes one or more special characteristics such as:

  • Extended bottom
  • No bottom
  • Special connector
  • Fiber optic ports (tubes)
  • Unusual lead forming
  • Dissimilar material for ring frame & bottom