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Dan Tran

Dan Tran
Vice President Engineering
Office: +1 626 258 3696 
Mobile:+1 626 233 4468
Dan excels in winning the technical confidence of our customers and delivering differentiated new products into our key markets. He has provided AMETEK many years of outstanding service in Sustaining Engineering, Product Line Management, Plant Management and most recently in Business Development and NPD. During his time in Sustaining Engineering Dan has implemented DMAIC principles to dramatically improve process control, eliminate quality issues and deliver superior financial results. He was promoted to Vice President of Engineering in May 2018 and is now responsible for both Sustaining Engineering and New Product Development.
Articles By Dan
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  • Strengths Of Hermetically Sealed Ceramic Packages - AMETEK

    Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | Dan Tran

    AMETEK ECP stands out as a premier designer and manufacturer of hermetically sealed ceramic packages, recognizing their value and devoting considerable resources toward ensuring their high performance. Today, we'll explore some of the historical factors that led to the development of these components, their current role in multiple verticals and the success of AMETEK in their creation.

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