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Terminals and Headers

1. Body materials
  • Cold rolled steel – lowest cost per unit weight of material
  • Kovar – when metal webbing is insufficient to support compression seals
  • 300 series Stainless steel – non-magnetic; corrosion resistant properties; welding compatibility to Stainless assemblies
  • Tensile strength; corrosion resistant; non-magnetic; excellent option for high pressure operating environments
  • Hymu 80 – tensile strength; corrosion resistance; non-magnetic; welding compatibility to Nickel based assemblies
  • Titanium (Ti6Al4V & CP) – light-weight; non-magnetic; tensile strength; chemical resistant in specific applications; bio-compatible; welding compatibility to Ti
  • 17-4 PH - tensile strength; not directly sealed with glass due to phase transformation temperature but suitable for attachment by welding of Inconel glass-to-metal-seals(GTMS)
2. Contact materials
  • Alloy 52 for compression seals; flexibility on termination features – capable of having wire bond features formed into the contact
  • Copper cored Alloy 52 – better electrical conductivity
  • Kovar – for matched seals; flexibility of termination features
  • 446 Stainless steel – weldable and corrosion resistant
  • Molybdenum – weldable; chemical resistant
  • Tantalum – weldable; chemical resistant
  • Inconel non-magnetic
  • Copper electrical conductivity; not directly sealed with glass but mechanically attached to intermediate sleeve