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AMETEK is fully capable of plating our own packages. Our abilities extend to plating various types of materials and alloys using rack plating and barrel plating processes for both ‘all over’ plating and ‘selective’ plating (leads only). We can also have areas free of gold plating by performing masking operations when required. We carefully monitor compliance to customer requirements by the use of X-Ray Florescence for plating thickness measurement.


The standard plating for packages is as follows:
  • Electrolytic Ni: 50-200µ”.  Note: the maximum must be equal to or greater than 4x the minimum.
  • Electroless Ni: 100-200µ”.  Note: the maximum must be equal to or greater than 2x the minimum. (may not be used on flexible leads)
  • Gold: 50µ” MIN.  Note: prefer a minimum (or the maximum must be equal to or greater than 3 times the minimum).
  • For example: if you require a minimum of  50µ” of electrolytic nickel and 100µ” min. gold, you would specify a requirement of  50-200µ” Ni under 100µ” min. Au (or 50-200µ” Ni under 100-300µ” Au)
  • Note: Plating thicknesses can be held to a tighter spec. if a specific part of the package is indicated (i.e. “Plating thickness to be measured on seal ring only”)

Special Plating

AMETEK has the ability to plate Aluminum Silicon Carbide. We also offer Lead Tinning for customers who require a hot solder dip on a portion of their leads. Tin plating and Silver plating are also available if required in application.

Military Standards

  • Electrolytic Sulfamate Nickel per ASTM B689-97 (MIL-QQ-N-290)
  • Electroless High-and Mid Phosporate Nickel per ASTM B733-47 (MIL-C-26074)
  • Gold -  Type III Class A per ASTM B488-95 (MIL-G-45204)
  • Hot Solder Dip per Mil-PRF-38534 (SN60 or SN63)