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High Performance Electronics

Aegis electronic components and interconnect technologies are found in ground breaking innovations in some of today’s most exciting industries. Our hermetic seals protect your most sensitive equipment. Our engineered parts power the automated flow control valves that regulate liquids and gases flowing through your facilities. Our condition monitoring connectors allow for the intelligent and reliable management of your most capital-intensive industrial assets.

Think Aegis for dynamometric sensors that alert the operators at your power station to mechanical deficiencies they might not have noticed otherwise.

Think Aegis for the vacuum pump systems at your semiconductor manufacturing plant that can neutralize waste output.

Think Aegis for telecommunications networks that carry valuable information to remote workers, troops or new audiences at the speed of light.

Simply put, Aegis packaging solutions make the cutting edge possible.

AMETEK: Superior design, unparalleled service

For more than eight decades, Aegis has led the world in metal fabrication, electronics manufacturing, complex integrated assemblies, hermetic microelectronic packaging solutions and more.

Aegis components and packaging technologies set the standard for excellence that exceeds even the highest expectations of our many partners. We design products that incorporate the finest high-current noble metals and high-density contact patterns.

Aegis prides itself on offering comprehensive in-house services, such as precision metallurgy, machining, and material design, fabrication and assembly. Our reputation for responsive customer service is unique in the industry.

Depend on Aegis for the best precision electronics

Military-grade specification: We originally developed our products to withstand the challenges of aerospace and defense. Military and commercial grade products are available options.

High-strength, high-performance construction: Our Inconel, Monel and Titanium alloys resist damage from the most extreme temperatures and are certified to have industry leading leak rates.

ISO-compliant applications: Aegis received its ISO9001 registration from NSF International to produce components for the following technologies:

  • Satellites.
  • Pressure and temperature sensors.
  • Transmitters.
  • Radiation detectors.
  • High vacuum gauge sensors.
  • Commercial power generators.
  • RF frequency test and measuring equipment.
  • Optical networking systems.

Fast prototyping, development and time to market: We execute orders immediately so our customers can compete.

Contact Aegis today to inquire about factory-direct deals on engineered materials, electronic packaging and defense products.