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AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Aegis
Aegis has established a reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of hermetic packages in the world. AMETEK Aegis has built a team of dedicated professionals whose expertise in the metal hermetic package industry is unrivaled. Combined with a world-class manufacturing facility, our engineering and manufacturing skills enable us to make industry standard glass-to-metal-seal packages (Flatpacks, Plug-ins, Platforms) through to the most complex hermetically sealed microelectronic package assemblies, which include DC and RF interconnects, ceramic modules and thermal management materials.

In addition to the traditional materials of Kovar, Cold-Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel our capabilities include new materials such as Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) bases and housings. Ceramic feed thru’s offer interconnect alternatives to glass. No longer concepts, packages in these materials are produced in high volumes today.

AMETEK has manufactured cofired multilayer ceramic packages and modules, including the General Ceramics product line, for over 35 years. Our ceramic packages are typically custom designed for high density interconnect systems. Innovative ceramic design and processes enable production of a highly reliable product that meets the most demanding requirements.

Aegis has also introduced a patented, high-performance, surface mount power package product line with the best heat dissipation properties available today. This SMD package is now a qualified standard JEDEC outline.  Aegis serves the Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Industrial, Telecommunications and Medical industries today.

Aegis capabilities include:

  • Complete electronic drawing support
  • Custom design help to meet performance goals
  • Total design control from fixtures to custom microelectronic packaging
  • Cost reduction assistance
  • All tools designed and built in-house
  • EDM capability
  • Complete array of tool-room capabilities
  • Thousands of open tools
  • Captive stamping of components to stringent tolerances
  • Wide range of press sizes
  • Vari-wall package stamping capability
  • Wide range of materials
  • CNC machining
  • Separate gold assembly area (Clean Room)
  • Substrate and component integration
  • On-assembly-line quality assurance review
  • 22 belt furnaces
  • Wide range of process recipes running at all times
  • Full selection of Braze materials
  • Electrolytic and Electroless Nickel plating
  • Gold plating (Hard and Soft)
  • Ni/Au plating for Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC)
  • Environmentally controlled drying
  • Plasma cleaning, sinter and bake-out process
  • Complete environmental testing capability
  • Optical and touch CMM measurement systems
  • "Certified Inspector" training program
  • Metallurgical lab for failure analysis 

Contact Information Aegis Inc.

Tel: 508.998.3141
50 Welby Road 
New Bedford, MA  02745 
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