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AMETEK Aegis shop floor - assembly area


AMETEK Aegis manufactures high reliability hermetic glass to metal seal hermetic packages for the microelectronics industry

Since our company’s inception, AMETEK has provided the glass-to-metal sealing and microcircuit packaging industries with the highest quality and most reliable hermetic solutions available. That has become a trademark of our products. Our products meet and exceed the quality standards adopted by US and European Militaries, as well as the various commercial communities and industries that we serve. Driven by this commitment, all facilities are ISO 9001.

Over the years, we have taken an active role in the development and refinement of the quality specifications and inspection standards used within our markets, including committee involvement on Jedec 9, as well as provided crucial input to the military, which allowed for specification changes and ultimately significant cost reductions.

AMETEK Aegis Inc

Tel: +1 (508) 998-3141
50 Welby Road
New Bedford, MA 02745